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Rhyn McLemore 

Actor, singer, educator





Born and raised on Jekyll Island, GA,

Rhyn is a southern gal at heart.

After receiving her degree from The Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, rhyn embarked on a career that has taken her all over the country, as well as all over the world.


in addition to her performing career,

rhyn is a monologue coach with

mtca - musical theatre college auditions -




*** The Sound of Music - Sierra Repertory Theatre***

"All it takes is a few moments with McLemore — a charismatic blend of Julie Andrews and Sally Fields — to know she will FILL ALL EXPECTATIONS as the heart of the show. A delightful presence whose forthrightness and exuberance rings with sincerity, she has a voice that fits Maria’s songs as if Rodgers and Hammerstein composed them for her."

- The Union Democrat

"[McLemore] plays Maria with humor, grace and an unyielding enthusiasm that has the audience on her side FROM THE VERY FIRST NOTE she sings."

- The Valley Stage

       *** The Cake - Horizon Theatre ***

“ These actors…They’re Atlanta favorites for a reason! Rhyn McLemore is ridiculous. She’s got this magnetic joyful presence and it’s on full display as Jen. She’s A MASTERCLASS IN MOMENT TO MOMENT ACTING. When she’s in a scene, she’s there. It doesn’t matter what happens or goes wrong during the scene, that becomes her reality in that moment. Watching Jen take a stand against herself and asking if being agreeable is necessary or even acceptable. You see every thought form, be addressed, and pushed aside all in her performance. Whether it’s in the way she smiles, or a head tilt, or the smallest movement of an eyebrow, it’s mesmerizing.”

- MWMIV Speaks

“McLemore makes Jen a conflicted young woman trying to stand up for herself and not let the past weigh her down and influence her.


- ArtsATL

*** Fascinating Rhythm - Transcendence Theatre ***

“The standout performance for me was Rhyn McLemore's rendition of 'Send in the Clowns,' which gave me CHILLS AND TEARS.”

- Napa Valley Register

*** The Crucible - Gallery Players ***

“McLemore brings passion, strength, and vulnerability to her Elizabeth Proctor from the start, and she carries these qualities through her entire performance.”


*** Violet - Gallery Players ***

“That it’s as moving as it is comes from some EXCELLENT ACTING in parts large and small, but mostly by Rhyn McLemore as the title character, a girl who has to be bold and straightforward at the same time she’s on her quixotic quest.”

- The Off Off Broadway Review (www.oobr.)


"Rhyn McLemore plays Maria with just the right amount of stubborn innocence to be FLAWLESSLY CHARMING."

- The Ledger Dispatch




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